Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Electrical System re-do

Here's my modified wiring diagram:

I'm removing the side-stand safety switch, relay and diode and deleting the entire interlock wiring associated with this. I'm using the neutral switch only to light the neutral indicator light. So that wiring got slightly changed. The other change required to pull this off was to tie the Orange/Blue wiring from the Kill Switch connector straight to the fused common, instead of getting it from he side stand relay. Now the only start-up safety mechanism is the clutch switch, which I happen to like. Can't start it without at least thinking about it.

500k .jpg, watch out -
And the stock wiring diagram (many wires removed for the stupid side stand interlock system!)
The next step is to integrate the new gauge and re-wire for the Ignitech Sparker TCI-P4 programmable ignition system. I'm considering fixing a Throttle Position Sensor to my carb, as the Ignitech has an input for this. Would be kinda nice to see it on the graphing software. It might be too much trouble though. I know the 1st gen SV650's are carburated and have a TPS mounted on the rear carb. I might be able to adapt this to the VX...

I'm considering two different gauges right now, the simple Trailtech VAPOR, or the data logging Mychron3 Gold (or plus). I've got my eyes on a used karting Mychron3 Gold right now... It would be pretty trick to get graphs of my RPM/speed/temps/TPS etc to tune the bike.

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