Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Carb rebuild

Rebuilding my carbs:
Lot's of parts... After dissecting them and then buying necessary replacement parts, I think I understand where each piece goes.
I'm just waiting for my new o-rings, gaskets, screws etc.

Got my Factory Pro standard rebuild kit:
Of course, no job on this bike would be complete without a broken screw:

It holds on this bracket:I didn't even really need to take this off. I just wanted to clean it really well. I couldn't resist undoing every single part. It just wouldn't be complete otherwise. This is what I get:

I also drilled out the mixing screw, which is blocked off on the US (or at least Cali) models of the VX.

I should have these back together within a week. Hooray. Next step, programmable ignition system. I'm also redesigning the wiring on the bike right now. My latest project to get OCD on.

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