Saturday, January 28, 2012

Motorcycle lift - final

Finally the lift is done! I powder coated it myself using Satin Black. (oh, and it's not like I LOVE yellow and black, it's a good color combination and all, but things just seem to keep ending up that way in my shop)

With removable rear section out:

With removable rear section in:

Removable ramp, fabricated from scratch using salvaged plate for the top and hooks. I cut the spare rectangular steel down the middle, making two c channel style metal pieces for the underneath support.
With ramp installed:

With bike on the lift!

Another huge thanks goes out to Ron Betossib, owner of Omega Electric, for sending this lift my way. I never would have bought one, but I would spend 40+ hours fabricating a modification if someone gave one to me. Ron is a hardworking and honest professional that I've found to be a man of his word, as well as very generous and forthright. I've had a great time working with you over of the last 8 months, through thick and thin. Much thanks for going above and beyond on all counts.

After working on the KTM last night, using the lift, it's simply amazing how much easier it is to get repairs done when I can move the bike up and down. I can't believe I've done without for so long. What a world of difference. If you have a lot of bikes and like to work on them, I strongly suggest investing in a lift.

Friday, January 27, 2012

2008 Suzuki V-Strom DL650 for sale

FOR SALE - craigslist ad
Fully equipped 2008 V-Strom 650 w/ 25,883 miles. Used daily as a commuter. Maintenance performed religiously, and the bike has never had any mechanical or electrical problems. Selling because I'm no longer commuting and I have 3 other motorcycles. Chain replaced at 20k miles, rear tire with 80% left, registered through April 2012.

In preparation for sale I've done the following:
oil and filter change
new front tire
intake and exhaust valve adjustments
air filter cleaning
new spark plugs

Comes with many aftermarket accessories and extras:
* Custom "road hazard" paintjob. Satin black with yellow stripes on rear quarter panel.
* Givi Maxia E52 - 52l topcase with integrated rear brake light link here to product page
* SW Motech engine guards
* Adventure MotoStuff V-Strom Adjustable Topcase Mounting System V3.0 For Givi Monokey Cases link here to product page
* 3 spare windshields including stock, custom cut down Givi, full size Givi, and full size Cee Baileys
* Madstad adjustable windshield mount brackets
* large LED rear brake light
* Factory service manual
* hand guards from DL1000
* Stebel Nautilus horn
* side case mounting brackets (but no side case)

Please put a name and phone number in your email response and I'll call you back.
Thanks much,

More pictures of the bike:
top view
low side crash damage (minor scratches on handguard and engine guard. Lowside happened at 10 mph when turning left. Got up and rode the bike away with no problems.
Spare windshields - stock (bottom), cut down Givi (top left), and Cee Baileys (top right)
Bike was originally yellow. I painted it black using Hot Rod Flatz satin black, 2K polyurethane. The yellow stripes are the original color that I masked over to create the striped look. Paint is hard as nails and hasn't chipped or delaminated in over 12,000 miles of riding.
In the above picture you can see the rear exhaust shield missing. I tried to have this powdercoated and it caught fire since it was filled with foam! I've never had an issue with touching the exhaust pipe with my girlfriend on the back.

Side bag brackets not shown (they're off the bike, sitting in the garage.)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sorry Ron

I left my card reader at work and can't download the working lift photos off my camera card. I rebuilt the hydraulic cylinders today with the help of Bay Hydraulics in San Jose. There is still a problem with weight distribution preventing the lift from getting started. Not sure what to do about this other than shift the weight to the back until the lift gets past that first inch.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Motorcycle lift progress

Mostly done. Just need to source some scrap plate for the top and sort out the little ramp to get the bike on it. I bought the $89 front wheel clamp and am waiting for it's arrival.

Removable rear section so I can easily remove the rear tire. (requires jack under bike which I haven't sorted yet.)
Rear corner detail showing how the removable section stays in place. You can see the angle iron support for the plate top welded up on this side. Need more angle iron.

Other end is finished but I forgot to take pictures of it. It was removed for convenience of working around the lift when it's raised.

This was long overdue to happen. The cut-off wheel on my angle grinder exploded in my face while cutting the tubing. I got really lucky and only took a small scratch to the nose. I was wearing safety goggles, gloves and earplugs, but not a face shield. And of course, I've removed all the guards from my grinder so that it works better.