Saturday, January 28, 2012

Motorcycle lift - final

Finally the lift is done! I powder coated it myself using Satin Black. (oh, and it's not like I LOVE yellow and black, it's a good color combination and all, but things just seem to keep ending up that way in my shop)

With removable rear section out:

With removable rear section in:

Removable ramp, fabricated from scratch using salvaged plate for the top and hooks. I cut the spare rectangular steel down the middle, making two c channel style metal pieces for the underneath support.
With ramp installed:

With bike on the lift!

Another huge thanks goes out to Ron Betossib, owner of Omega Electric, for sending this lift my way. I never would have bought one, but I would spend 40+ hours fabricating a modification if someone gave one to me. Ron is a hardworking and honest professional that I've found to be a man of his word, as well as very generous and forthright. I've had a great time working with you over of the last 8 months, through thick and thin. Much thanks for going above and beyond on all counts.

After working on the KTM last night, using the lift, it's simply amazing how much easier it is to get repairs done when I can move the bike up and down. I can't believe I've done without for so long. What a world of difference. If you have a lot of bikes and like to work on them, I strongly suggest investing in a lift.

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