Monday, September 7, 2009

Tank work

It's finally time to start on my tank. I started with a dent-free spare I bought for $125 at a wrecking yard in Vacaville.

I decided to use a paint stripper this time instead of blasting it. Paint makes the coolest sound when it breaks free!

The final stripped tank with filler applied:
My new custom seat will not be going as high on the tank as the stock seat. I never see the purpose of putting the seat up the tank because then you can never ride forward.
I'm using EVERCOAT METAL2METAL for this work. This is the first layer sanded out. I'll fill with another layer and sand to shape.

Before I start applying primer, I'm going to use electrolysis to remove the rust on the inside. It's not significantly rusted, but it NEEDS to be removed. It's light surface rust only. I don't like the tank sealers, so I'm going to just treat the metal immediately after doing the electrolysis. As soon as I can find some "washing soda" I'll be using the DC power supply that I used during the my aluminum anodization work.


RazorsEdge2112 said...

I am getting ready to do my tank. What stripper did you use?

snokpelle said...

Nice to see that other people use the potential in these kinds of bikes. I'm curently fiddling with a VS makeover; a lot of work so I make use for all inspiration I can get.

Tanks for great posting!

PS: have a look at the
Mean intruder homepage if you want.


Stephen said...

Ken: Good 'ol Jasco Paint and Epoxy Remover. Gold can. Works great.