Monday, September 7, 2009

Engine problems

Well, I've had a few minor setbacks that have been really stalling me on progress. First I tore my cylinder to block gasket. This weekend I tried mounting the #2 cylinder again and this time I had a bent dowl pin and in an attempt to force the cylinder down, I broke my cam chain tensioner right where it mounts into the head/cylinder assembly. Ugh. Now I'm waiting for a new tensioner and dowel.

At least I made some progress, I got the cam sprocket and cam installed on the #1 cylinder, and successfully removed the slotted cap in the generator cover, without damaging it. I made a custom tool for this out of aluminum. I also made a custom piston ring compressor. That makes 4 custom tools I fabricated for this motorcycle.

No pics for this post. Working on the engine by yourself is not conducive to photography. I have few enough hands as it is.

I've also finished my headlight bracket and painted it. I'm pretty happy with how this worked out. I'll do a whole post on the new headlight as it took me so much designing and sweat to get it finished.

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