Thursday, October 1, 2009

VX ignition system - photos

For the Ignitech guys and all interested in a programmable ignition for the VX800.

crank position sensor

Stock VX800 ignition unit:

Stock VX coil:

Signal generator?
These bumps on the outside of the rotor appear to be the signal generator. They pass very close to the crank position sensor.

This is no device like the one seen in the manual, BUT, there are 3 short protrusions, and 1 long protrusion as seen above, and this corresponds perfectly with what is seen in the manual below:
I was expecting something more like this:


sean said...

are the little bumps magnetic? I thought that CPS's were just small hall effect sensors that detect changes in magnetism.

Stephen said...

I think they are magnetic. I will test tonight and post my findings.