Monday, February 2, 2009

Enter the frame

Back and the rebuild starts! I've been doing more work than picture taking these days. Pushing to get a rolling chassis and using all my time assembling.

With nothing on it:

With some engine mounts, fuel pump and seat latch:

With highly polished and super clean rear master cylinder:

I've got the forks assembled, the lower triple clamp ready to mount, and the front wheel finished. I'm going to need some kind of stand for this thing now... Have to make it.


John said...


Not only will your bike be the sweetest VX on the road, it may be the sweetest motorcycle on the road!

Kudos on all your hard work, it defiantly shows.

- John in NC (VX lister)

7mwm7 said...

great work - watching with great

mike - fellow vx owner