Thursday, January 1, 2009

VX800 Front Shock Parts - Photo Guide

I decided to whip up this photo guide to the front shocks, complete with OEM part numbers. You'll notice a duplication of the layout of the micro-fiche in my layout.

And here's my micro-fiche version with part-number annotations (please feel free to download the larger version by clicking on the image below):

Hope it's useful.


RazorsEdge2112 said...


I just picked up a 91 VX800 project bike. It looks like yours when you started... Except mine has no carbs, front fork, triple tree or exhaust.

But, hey. It has a clear title and was only $40.

Glad I found your blog here.

E-mail me if you want -

Eric said...

Were you able to take apart your front forks without using the fork tool? My fork seals are leaking like a siv and I can't get them apart to replace the seals.