Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rear Brake Line

I finally got off my butt and decided to order up new o-rings, seals and bolts for my front and rear brake calipers. I'm going to have the calipers powder coated to match the frame as well.

Again, I was closely analyzing the stock setup with the rear brake and found something I don't like: those ugly brake line clamps and that horribly welded hoop on top of the swingarm.

Since I won't be having passenger pegs, or a passenger seat for that matter, and I'll be routing the exhaust angled up on the right side of the bike, above the swingarm, AND I'm switching to stainless steel braided brake lines, those clamps will be in plain sight and too big to effectively clamp my stainless brake line. After an hour of figuring out a new mostly hidden route for the brake line, I decided to remove those ugly things.

Cut off, ground down and sanded:

You'll notice the swingarm looks pretty bad. Tomorrow I bring it down to get a fresh blast and powder coat, along with my front forks and a couple other random pieces. Same color as my rims.

You might wonder how I'm going to route the brake line?

I thought about running it inside the swingarm but decided that drilling 2 - 3/4" holes was to intrusive.

I decided to simply run it through the "torquielink" bracket, and on the bottom of the torqielink bar itself, right to the caliper as seen in the photo below:

Small bracket or clamp will be welded to the bottom of the torqielink bar to keep the brake line snug up against it. It's a small aesthetic gain, but all of these minor changes will add up, you'll see!!!

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