Monday, September 5, 2011

video - 2nd ride

Here's the footage from my second ride. no major problems other than the coolant leak at the rear cylinder head gasket. I know that's major, but all other systems are functioning well.

2nd ride on Project Suzuki VX800 from Stephen Freskos on Vimeo.


DieterVDW said...

It sounds sooo nice ...
Do you slip the clutch sometimes when accelerating, or does it just accelerate so fast?
Great job! Wow!

Ted said...

Nice. You did remember to use "Bars Leaks" in the coolant?

Stephen F. said...

DieterVDW: Thanks! Clutch is slipping and needs to be fixed. I just ordered new plates and springs. I never looked at the clutch, just assumed it was good.

Ted: Bars Leaks was on my list, but I don't want to use a band-aid. Instead I'm pulling the engine. I want this bike to be super reliable for a long time, so I'm doing everything the right way.