Sunday, September 18, 2011


Gutted the VX today. slightly pulled a muscle in my back getting the engine out and onto the workbench:
Poor beast is stripped.

Had to pull the jug since I ripped the block/jug gasket while pulling the head.

Piston crown with maybe 10 miles on it:

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RobinG said...

I too own a VX800.
When I purchased mine for only $650 she was a bit of a mess. Mechanically she was in great shape but cosmetically she was ugly and not well taken care of.
Over the course of the first few months Jan - March 2011 I commenced to making her a beauty.
5 stage paint, body work and design tweaking led to the stunner she is now with a Pink and Silver Lace motif on tank and back pieces and a black satin frame and flat black accents. Even got my exhausts power coated black to pop the shiny engine in silvers.
I certainly get a lot of looks.
Although I have not modified any of the frame, pegs or other parts I have added an after market universal windshield (little one) in Black that really gives her a more modern feel.
You can check out some images of her here: