Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wheels and Bearings

I finally bit the bullet, got off work early today and ran my rims down to the power coating shop. It's costing $105.00 for each rim. Not cheap, but worth it. I know they are going to look great.

My last step before powder coating was to get the tires removed and sand out any little spots and dings. My local Suzuki dealer pulled the tires off the rim for free. I was so happy I tipped the guy. Everyone else I talked to wanted to charge me $17.00 per wheel and a 5 hour or next day wait. That kind of service is unacceptable for me so I found someone who was on my level. Concord Motorsports in Concord, CA. I've always gotten bad vibes from the guys in the store, but then again, sales guys in general give me bad vibes. The service guys on the other hand were great.

I'll be getting them back next Tuesday or Wednesday August 20th.

I also ordered new wheel bearings for front and rear, from the All Balls website after getting the part numbers correct based on a post on the VX Forum by bwringer. Well, we'll see if their right once they arrive and I fit them up...

Forward progress!

Wheels ready for the shop:

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