Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Rims Return...

I picked up my rims today from the powder coating shop. Oh man, they are beautiful. I'm very pleased. I really worked on removing the raised lettering, sanding it all out so that I wouldn't see a texture difference once they were coated. And lo and behold, you can't tell that the lettering was ever there!

Again, these were coated using a GR-539 silver with 50% gloss clear coat. The process involves two different coatings, and two trips to the oven. The clear coat gives the finish a significant depth. It's like you're peering into the surface of the rims and down below the surface, you see the texture of the metal. It was definitely worth the extra $60 for the clear coat.

Check 'em out:

(rear)Going back and reading my own blog, I realized I forgot to photograph the side of the wheel that had the raised lettering. Tomorrow I'll take the shots and post them up. It's dark out now...

I also received my new bearings. Now, I've been working 70hr weeks lately and haven't had much personal time. When I go to work on my bike, I like to get things done. Sometimes I'm a little hasty. I jump right in before thinking through the process, looking at the manual, etc. When I don't think and just try to make something happen it usually goes wrong or I damage something. I get this overwhelming 'I must get something tangible done on the bike today!' feeling that is irresistible.

So I was installing my new bearings in the front wheel, got the first one in, and immediately moved on to the second one. Both were in and I moved on to the rear wheel. I got the first bearing in the rear wheel, went to look for some parts I couldn't find, and came across the baggie of the old wheel bearing and fixin's for the rear wheel. What did I see? The spacer. Duh. I installed the front wheel bearings and forgot to put in the spacer. Not only that, in my haste, I didn't have the best tool for driving in the bearings and slightly disturbed the seal on the front ones.

It's only a $20 loss, if that. But it's not the money, it's the damage to my ego and my attitude that really hurts. I learned a good lesson today. Be patient. Wait, isn't that in my guiding principles? Duh, again. I forgot to work by my guiding principles and look what happened.

I'm going to remove both front wheel bearings, buy new ones, and do it right this time. I'm going to bring the bearing with me and find just the right size pipe to drive it in with. I'm going to thoroughly clean out the passage where the spacer goes, I'm going to research what kind of lubricant to put on the spacer, buy the lube then come home and read about the process. You think something couldn't go wrong with such an easy task, but leave me to screw it up.

Enough beating up on myself... The wheels are awesome and are everything I was hoping they would be.

Frustrated for now, yet remaining determined,


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Allan said...

wow, those look pretty sharp!