Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Plan

Turn the humble Suzuki VX800 into a totally naked, street-fighter style, single seater motorcycle. At the same time, restore the bike to new condition. I will tear down and rebuild every single component on the bike.

I'll chop the rear end off the frame and completely redesign the seat, the rear frame, the brake light, turn signals and fender.

The frame, shocks, swingarm, front forks, and every other major piece will be refinished to look better than new. I'll change the color of the frame, rims, shocks, tank, fender, swingarm, brake calipers, engine mounts etc.

Remove all frame covers, plastics etc and any tabs used to connect them.

Grind out any and all imperfections in every component before getting them powder-coated, including removing any labels, logos or machine stampings. I'm going to the point of grinding off the raised lettering on the rims.

Remove any unnecessary electrical and emissions devices such as kick-stand safety switch, California emissions system etc.

Totally rewire the entire bike to enable clean wire routing. The bike will not have any frame covers so everything will be exposed, thus necessitating clean routing of cables and wires.

Remove the radiator grill that sticks out past the frame and custom make new low-profile radiator cover.

Re-route the exhaust in a custom configuration to come up under the seat. There probably won't be any mufflers on this bike. (undecided at this point)

Blast the engine casing and get refinished. (silver like original)

Change handlebar configuration. (maybe use clip-ons?)

Upgrade rear shocks to Progressive chrome cover style shocks.

Upgrade front shock springs to Progressive.

Change headlight mounting and front turn signals. Possibly replace front headlight to something more minimal.

Engine-wise, I don't have any plans for performance increases. I'm fine with the stock engine and the original design by Suzuki. When I take apart the engine I'll replace any parts that experience wear such as piston rings, bearings etc. The bike had 30,000mi on it when I bought it and the internals of the engine seem to be in great shape from what I have observed so far.

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