Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Final paint scheme

Finally decided on my paint scheme:

size and placement of that there yellow half circle is still being determined. but I like it, so I'm going with it, screw everybody else, this is for me. no, nathan, this isn't directed at you! :)


Eirkir said...

Hi. I follow your project since 2010 and you do awesome job!!! I started my modest project as well :)
Circle on the tank is a good idea. I'm a graphic designer and I drew my idea :) What do you think about curve like this? It does some shape with frame pipes. What do you think?

Eirkir said...

I forgot to put the link :)

Stephen F. said...

Eirkir: Thanks man! So cool that you follow from another country. I like your version better. The paint is done, but the project is never done. I really want to add yellow to the top, but just couldn't figure out how. Wish I had read your comment and seen your picture sooner.