Monday, June 21, 2010

VX - choke reloc

I did away with the nice stock controls that had the integrated choke pull assembly. Man was that slick. I had already bought a new left hand controls when I realized I should have bought a replacement from an SV or something with stock choke control at the handlebar. Well, I wanted this bike to be different... :)

Spent a few hours on Sunday making this cable up from a choke pull off a Honda model I can't remember.

And it's new location? Close to the radiator cap, tucked in and barely sticking out.
Front view:

I realized why I was having such difficult with my wiring, electronics, coils etc:

Jeez, maybe because I'm trying to slam a bikes worth of crap into a space 2.5 inches tall! From the bottom of the top frame tube to about an inch above the top of the top frame tube is where lives all the crap you don't want to see. I tried damn hard to make this clean and tidy but there are just too many things in too small a place for that. Good thing it's all hidden.

Here's an action shot of my new computer and indicator lights. I turned on as many as I could for the shot.

Finished up my clutch linkage and footpegs:
Now all that's left is welding the tank and rear tail section. I've got to deal with brake lights, signals and plate mount, but I'm not too concerned with this. Should take a day or so. It's the tank that's holding me back right now. It's 85% done and I'm working of fitment of the new side panels.

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