Sunday, February 21, 2010


quick teaser pics. bad pics sorry. just the first cuts and shaping shown. I just got steel for the new side panels.

Final machining to fork brace:
Now just need to anodize.

And the Dyna Coils DC3-1. Ugh.


timbo1 said...

Just what I needed to see as I need to make some brackets to install the same coils on my vx

Eric said...

I notice you kept the air boxes instead of just a lone filter on each carb. Was it easier to do it that way after rebuilding the carbs.

Stephen said...

From what I've heard, many people have tried pod filters and it only reduces performance on this engine. For now, I'm going with the stock air boxes. I might mess around with K&N filters with no airbox, once I get the engine tuned. There are too many changes right now so it's going to be hard enough to tune the engine.