Wednesday, July 22, 2009

V-Strom paint job

I bought my yellow 2008 DL650 because it was the right price, right seller and right timing. What wasn't right was the color. Yellow. I'm not a solid yellow bike kind of guy. I'm not a stock bike or stock paintjob kind of guy either for that matter.

So, with my new found painting skills, I busted a custom paint job on my daily commuter.
Check it:
Putting the side covers back on after they cured out.

Backing her out after reassembly (this is my front porch):

I couldn't remove ALL the yellow. Solid black is only so cool. I figured, I spend all my time on the freeway, so I worked with that theme and came up with the hazard stripes for that custom touch. Nobody likes the paint job but me. Oh well, f**k 'em. I don't ride this bike to pull girls, impress people, or go super fast, so who cares.

Paint used:
Hot Rod Flatz HRF 296 Black Chassis (Satin)
This is a 2-part urethane paint. Cures as hard as nails.

I had a bitch of a time getting it to spray right with my crappy gun. Not my best work, but from 5 feet away, you can't tell it's not professionally done.


Civ said...

Hey buddy, you've nicked my hair do! I like the paint job if no one else does. :-)

Natives MC said...

Personally, I like the paint scheme you've done there. Reminds me of one of a Beemer scheme. Pretty sweet.

Tom said...

Here's a third vote for the bumble-bee paint job. Good on ya!