Friday, June 12, 2009

Engine issues

I just finished painting my engine on Wednesday. I baked out the last pieces in the oven last night. I'll be putting it back together this weekend.
Big problem: I've got a corroded cylinder where one piston was sitting so long the rings rusted into the liner. I also need my valve seats grinded. Those are getting handled tomorrow morning, but the cylinder is still not resolved.

How I see it, I've got three choices:
1 - leave it as is and put it back together
2 - get a new cylinder or a new(used) one
3 - do a small bore and upsize rings... not sure this will work with just rings though

I'll have to post pictures and ask advice.

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RazorsEdge2112 said...

I have two cylinders that cleaned up pretty well. The front one is not 100% but a fellow at work tells me it can be honed out fairly easily. The head and valves require some work.

It is yours if you want, in exchange for a drink and maybe a date with one of those California girls I keep hearing about.

I would like to see part of "Vixen" live again.